Winter care tips for your Hyundai vehicle

Hyundai vehicle

Winter has arrived and although those who ski or play hockey are thrilled, your car is not smiling. Winter can be harsh on your vehicle not just with the fluctuating temperatures, but also because of the snow, rocks, salt, and everything else they can get underneath your car’s body and interior.

Luckily, our detailing department as well as our genuine parts and accessories department here at Kamloops Hyundai can help you find the right products to keep your Hyundai protected until spring. Here we take a look at a few accessories you might want to add to your vehicle as well as a few detailing tips to keep your Hyundai in perfect condition for years to come.

Make sure your Hyundai has the right winter tires

This is the best tip we can give you with winter coming around. Winter tires are your best friend on ice and snow, and they allow you to enjoy the highest level of traction and stability in any situation. Winter tires are offered on every single Hyundai vehicle new or old in our tire centre. We also offer storage, and we can install your tires quickly on-site.

If you are not sure which winter tires are right for your Hyundai, let our team of tire experts help you out. We have a range of high-quality winter tires including Michelin X-Ice tires in stock. We can also install winter wheels on your Hyundai to protect your summer wheels from damage. Ultimately, to get the most out of your Hyundai whether it is front-wheel-drive or all-wheel drive, first step is to install winter tires.

Have your vehicle serviced

It is still time to get your vehicle serviced before winter comes around. We will make sure your oil is clean, top up your fluids, and detect any potential problem before it is made worse by the difficult conditions ahead. Getting a full service or maintenance checkup before we hit the heart of winter is key.

Protect your Hyundai’s paint

If you would like to protect the exterior of your Hyundai vehicle this winter, we can provide a full wrap which covers the sensitive areas of your Hyundai when winter rolls around. This wrap protects your paint from small rocks without hurting the styling of your Hyundai vehicle.

Winter tire mats and cargo protectors

Lastly, it is always a good idea to add some winter mats or a cargo protector to the interior of your Hyundai. We can do just that with a wide range of winter mats and cargo protectors for every Hyundai vehicle at our genuine Hyundai parts and accessories department. Give us a call today to learn more.