Out-of-Town Buyers

Out-of-Town Buyers Program from Kamloops Hyundai

Out-of-Town Buyers Program from Kamloops Hyundai

A lot of our customers are like you: they want to find the best vehicle and at an affordable price. Sometimes, that special vehicle takes you to our dealership. To many, that means a trip to Kamloops, to Kamloops Hyundai. To us that means rolling out the welcome carpet and giving you the top-notch service that you deserve. Listed below are the benefits of dealing with Kamloops Hyundai and our Out-of-Town Buyers Program.

Ask about our free block heater and battery blacket for out-of-town buyers!

No Surprises

On our website, we like to show off the vehicles that we are proud of. We usually have a minimum of 20 pictures or more of each car or truck in our inventory. We also have a Request a CarFax Report button for each vehicle. The CarFax report will tell you the complete vehicle history so you can buy with confidence. If you wish to see more pictures of a vehicle, we would be happy to supply them to you by e-mail within minutes of your request. Buying a vehicle from out of town can be a stressful situation. We, at Kamloops Hyundai, understand that and will take as much stress out of your purchase as possible.

Guaranteed Quality for Our Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai Vehicles

Not only do we thoroughly check every pre-owned Hyundai vehicle over, we also have a stringent list of requirements that we have to perform to make these vehicles certified. Each one carries a warranty to give you the confidence that you are buying quality. Contact us to learn more about the warranty coverage!

Better Financing Rate for Certified Hyundai Vehicles

Just because you're from out of town doesn't mean that financing will have to be a challenge. At Kamloops Hyundai, we have the best finance specialists in the business. We also have our "Always Best Finance Rate" finance program on your side. With Hyundai certified pre-owned vehicles, the rates are just that much better. We handle your information in a secure and dedicated manner, always respecting your privacy. To apply using our programs click here. We deal with every major bank in Canada along with Hyundai Finance.

See Kamloops on Us

Buying from out of town shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. At Kamloops Hyundai, we understand that and we want your business. Any of our out-of-town clients wishing to buy one of our vehicles can phone and request a room for the night. We will book your room for you. We will also pay for the room at the time of the delivery of your new vehicle, with the presentation of the paid receipt from the hotel. If you already have a place to stay, we will pay for your dinner out that night for 2 people. We will also put gas in your new vehicle to compensate for the fuel it cost you to travel to Kamloops.

What About the Taxes

Are you from Alberta (or another non-PST province) and worried about having to pay extra tax on your new vehicle? Don't be! You only have to pay the tax for your home province. Pick up your vehicle in Kamloops and drive home! You will have to pay the usual GST (5%), but not PST on the vehicle. You simply need to sign an Out-of-Province Tax Form and supply 2 pieces of identification from your province.